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Your information will be verified through World-Check. Part of the Thompson Reuters Risk Management Solutions suite, the World-Check database of Politically Exposed Persons(PEPs) and heightened risk individuals and organizations is used around the world to help to identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk.

The creation of the database was in response to legislation aimed at reducing the incidence of financial crimes. To begin with, World-Check's intelligence was used by banks and financial institutions as a comprehensive solution for assessing, managing and remediating risk. However, as legislation has become increasingly complex and its reach has become increasingly global, the demand for such intelligence has grown beyond the financial sector to include organizations from all sectors.

In addition to the information required above you must also enclose a copy of your business registration, Resale certificate copy, a copy of your Federal EIN. Passport copy (World check prefers) and D.O.B (World check prefers)

Terms: All claims must be made within 2 days, it is hereby distinctly understood and agreed that title to the below described merchandise shall remain the property of Dialectic Distribution LLC until fully paid for. In the event it becomes necessary to place this account with an attorney for collection, buyer agrees to pay in addition to the principal amount with interest and other lawful charges all courts and expenses of collection including a reasonable attorney´s fee of 30%. All accounts over 30 days subject to 5% monthly service charge.