A Powerful partner for Retail Customers


Connecting you to the right products at the right time for competitive pricing and market advantage.

6 ways we help customers succeed


Logistics hub

Our logistics center is a hub of innovative and value-adding products sourced from well-established manufacturers. With a multitude of locations around the world, we have the storage and logistics capacity to deliver your inventory accurately and on time, every time.


Competitive Pricing

Our strong and prosperous manufacturing relationships coupled with our strategic purchasing allows for competitive prices that you can pass on to your customers to elevate your brand effortlessly.


Diversified Products

Our manufacturers are vetted for quality and valuable products. We analyze the market to predict trends and provide desired and diversified products that help your business become a powerful and relevant brand.


Reliable & agile

An extensive network of diversified manufacturers helps us remain a reliable supply partner. By utilizing the latest technologies, we monitor every part of our operations to foresee problems and respond with agility.


Global Shipping

We make the world a much smaller place for your business. Global shipping allows you to source the products you need for your growth, wherever they’re located, without a second thought.


Knowledge & Expertise

We have industry experts that consider big-picture markets and local sales teams who understand region-specific needs. We foresee consumer needs and source products before they come into trend.

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Secure distribution

Our vast network secures our supply

We’ve spent over a decade cultivating relationships with our manufacturing partners. We now harness our powerful partnerships with well-established producers to deliver competitively priced products and the latest technologies that ensure a reliable supply service.


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Dialectic is able to maximize our recovery on technology. They’re a trusted partner and we look forward to growing our relationship.