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Dialectic is synonymous with agility. It’s how we quickly adapt to market changes, internally and externally, to ensure products are always ideally positioned and our customers are provided with what they need. We have our fingers on every pulse in the supply and distribution, knowledge, and market chain. With rapid response and flexibility to our partners’ and customers' needs, working with us helps you maximize productivity and minimize expense with no compromise on quality.


Information is the driving force of our success. We prioritize learning and constantly improving our industry knowledge to remain a leading distribution company. Our proactive approach to seeking new information allows us to do more, make better decisions, create better value, and stand out amongst our competitors.


We’re truly dedicated to the growth and success of our customers and partners. Your goals become our vision, your challenges become our problem, and your needs become our actions. Through our expertise, we know how to help you arrive at your objectives and through our dedication, we can help you meet your ambitious business objectives.

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As a rapidly growing distributor, Dialectic partners with well-established, high-demand brands at the top of their game. Our strong relationships coupled with our strategic purchasing allow us to deliver competitive pricing of the best products the market has to offer. Our categories include, but aren’t limited to, Consumer Branded Electronics, Small Appliances, Seasonal, Home and Health, and market-driven items.

Our team of experienced sales and purchasing executives have over 360 years of cumulative experience. That history comes with profound industry knowledge and the ability to source the best products with competitive pricing, providing the optimal outcomes for both our vendors and customers.

Our long-term relationships are a testimonial to how we conduct business – with honesty and integrity, every step of the way. We’ve become an integral part of our customers outshining their competition, and this is a privilege we’re truly committed to building upon.

Meet the team
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Zachary Zeltzer has been an active member of the Consumer Electronics industry since 2007.

He learned every aspect of the consumer electronics industry, from selling with domestic resellers, to working with world leading manufacturers.

Zach is at the helm of the company. He leads the charge into new frontiers with passion and dedication.

Zachary Zeltzer

Rob has been one of the first employees with Dialectic (and a personal friend of the founder for over a decade) He’s always been a go-getter, including when he walked across the country (literally) for cancer awareness when he was 21.

Today, Rob serves as Zach’s right hand, whether that be in vendor relations, sales, or wherever else is needed. A master of all departments and a true believer in Dialectic, Rob brings that same gutsy passion to whatever he does.

Rob Bonora
Senior Vice President

A company is only as good as it counsel, so it’s a good thing we have David.

David Rubenstein is our General Counsel for Dialectic Distribution, LLC. In this role, he oversees Dialectic’s global legal activities and policies, as well as ethics, compliance and regulatory affairs, employee relations, investigations, and brand protection.

From 2013-2018, David was selected to Thomson-Reuter’s List of Super Lawyers Rising Stars, an award granted to only 2.5% of lawyers under the age of 40.

David Rubenstein
General Counsel

Mark joined Dialectic in December 2018 as Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to joining the company, Mark was the CFO in a wide variety of industries, including food/beverage, agribusiness, and chemical/consumer products. He is no stranger to the challenging international landscape, in both B2B and B2C capacities.

Today, he brings that wealth of expertise to Dialectic’s continually growing reach, including the buying and selling of companies.

Mark Hoenes

Matt works as a Senior Accountant to help manage company bank accounts, incoming deposits, and clearing sales orders.

When he’s not crunching the numbers, Matt assists our CFO to keep all of our financials accurate and concise.

Matt Benzenhoefer
Senior Accountant

Owen has been with Dialectic since 2017.

He got his start in Logistics before working his way up to Director of Operations. Today, he oversees our warehouse and logistics teams to ensure all products are shipped quickly, safely, and profitably.

His goal? Make Dialectic’s customers and vendors the happiest in the industry.

Owen Green
Global Director of Operations

With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, Anderson joined Dialectic after managing a global-leading video game brand in Latin America. Today, he uses his wealth of LATAM knowledge to help Dialectic and its clients navigate the unique challenges in the region.

Anderson Gracias
VP Business Development LATAM

Joe Ross has one mission: growth.

Joe constantly looks for ways for Dialectic to be bigger and better. To do this, Joe helps identify and develop new business opportunities to expand our brand presence both on and offline.

Joe Ross
Head of Strategic Growth

Andres is a proactive sales leader who is currently working with a global team to boost marketing and sales across retail and distribution in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition to his sales finesse, Andres is truly passionate about cross-cultural communication while using innovative marketing strategies to connect emerging brands to new consumers.

Andres Castro
Senior Executive of Sales LATAM

Henry Price has been with the company since 2017.

Henry manages all domestic retailers to create synergistic relationships wherever he goes. This ensures that our retailers have all the support they need to position our product to customers.

Henry Price
Senior Executive of Retail Sales - The Americas

While Antonio is our Italy Sales Manager, his passion is to help operations flourish with customers worldwide.

He seeks out new clients and partnerships to expand out clientele in new regions all over the globe.

Antonio Pipitone
Italy Sales Manager

Sergey serves as the Eastern Europe Sales Manager in Dialectic to supply the EU, CIS, ex-USSR, and Asian regions.

He provides a wide variety of goods and brands to meet the customer’s every need, all with quick shipping and high quality for the ultimate client satisfaction.

Sergey Diyanov
Eastern Europe Sales Manager

Dwayne Chin has been a proud associate of Dialectic for over six years.

Today, he manages the ins and outs of the Miami warehouse to keep everything running smoothly.

Dwayne Chin
Miami Warehouse Manager

Brian Rathbun serves as the manager of Dialectic’s Main Distribution.

Even the best product falls flat if we can’t get it into the consumer’s hands. Under Brian’s steady guidance, Dialectic continues to bolster our distribution means and mindset to provide the best service to our clientele.

Brian Rathbun
Main Distribution Manager

Kevin O’Driscoll leads the Dialectic ship into the virtual space!

As Director of E-Com, Kevin ensures that our online customers receive the best support, no matter where they are.

Kevin O'Driscoll
Director of E-Commerce

With a customer-centric mindset, Tuan is a motivated and results-driven professional who can navigate complex sales cycles, foster strong customer relationships and deliver impactful solutions.

He is always seeking new opportunities to expand our business and forge lasting partnerships in the dynamic world of international trade.

Tuan Trang
Director of New Business Development

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